How Capture Transforms Customer Engagement


In the previous post, we learned how Advanced Capture helps you achieve operational excellence in your document-intensive business processes. Here we move our focus to the customer and see how Advanced Capture can assist with increasing customer engagement.

Increase Customer Engagement, establishing new levels of engagement and collaboration

Your customers demand self-service, quick responsiveness, visibility to every step of their experience, and choice of engagement channel. Anything less is no longer considered competitive. How? Through advanced capture provided via the customer’s device of choice.

Customer onboarding (new account opening), mortgage processing (application process), claims submissions (insurance, benefits, etc.), and mobile bill pay/check deposit are First Mile processes that can all benefit from advanced capture technologies that work hand in hand with mobile devices or web portals.

For example, as part of a bank account onboarding process I take my mobile device, use your company’s app to capture my driver’s license, and faster than I can say “sign me up” I see all the extracted data from my driver’s license displayed for me to confirm or correct, right from the mobile device. No printing and faxing, no driving to the branch, no need for rekeying by the bank’s staff – just a quick, easy self-service experience from my device of choice, both for initial engagement as well as for ongoing status checks and communications with the bank.

ING-DiBa AG sought a way to offer its customers a quick, trouble-free and secure way to execute mobile banking transactions. So the bank launched a banking app with integrated advanced capture, providing their customers with the ability to send pictures of invoices, remittance slips, and other documents straight from their mobile devices to a data center where they’re processed, returned to customers for approval, then delivered to ING-DiBa’s banking software for finalization. ING-DiBa put the customer’s needs first.

One of our customers, a large U.S. mortgage lender used our mortgage solution to streamline their applications process and improve competitiveness. This lender wanted to automate its paper-laden processes that limits their ability to meet borrower’s needs. These borrowers expect a paperless, mobile-enabled experience. This solution changed the way this mortgage lender collects information by enabling borrowers to capture and submit documents via their mobile device.

Once documents are submitted, business-critical content is extracted and checked for missing or inconsistent information meets compliance requirements to assemble a complete mortgage application for loan origination systems. The company can easily communicate with borrowers about application status so both lenders and applicants have continuous, real-time visibility into the loan process. That is what I call customer engagement.

As mobile devices get more powerful, we’ll see advanced capture technologies do even more on devices, making your customer’s experience even faster. Soon you’ll be able to see advanced capture of a mobile video clip where you pass your device over a multi-page document, and extracted data is displayed for you to review and correct in near real time. The mobile phone is fast becoming the most prevalent self-service tool used by your customers.

In the final blog installment in this series, we’ll investigate what it means to deliver enterprise agility – the fourth benefit of advanced capture.