Kofax Announcing Its Acquisition of Aia Holding BV

Kofax has announced its acquisition of Aia Holding BV, a provider of customer communications management software. Aia’s CCM software helps businesses manage interactive and ad-hoc customer correspondence (electronically and on paper), enabling them to address evolving needs faster and, as a result, increase the effectiveness of their overall customer communications and relationships. This CCM software will be effortlessly integrated with Kofax TotalAgility in addition to being offered on a standalone basis; this incorporation will strengthen the overall value of Kofax’s smart process applications and help increase their differentiation and competitive advantage against that of their competition. As per the Market Watch report, “Kofax acquired all of Aia’s stock for total consideration of $19.5 million in cash. Of this amount, $16.6 million was paid as of the closing of the transaction on February 27, 2015, $1.4 will be paid one year from closing and $1.5 million will be paid 18 months from closing, with said amounts subject to certain indemnification terms and conditions. The Company expects to complete the full integration of Aia by the end of its fiscal year on June 30, 2015.”

More information about Aia’s CCM software and the acquisition can be found at: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kofax-acquires-aia-holding-bv-2015-03-02