Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe has updated their document management toolbox with the release of Adobe Document Cloud, an application that allows its user to take a photo of a document, save it to their cloud, edit it, sign it, and even password protect it – all from a smartphone or tablet. The development of Adobe Document Cloud was geared towards business innovation, allowing businesses and its teams to create, edit, and view documents in a seamless manner across any device, all the while allowing for the elimination of a paperwork-based processes.

The new application includes 4 new features: Acrobat DC, eSign Services, Mobile Link, Mobile Apps, and Send and Track. Acrobat DC is much like its Adobe Acrobat predecessor, but has the capability to convert any paper document into a digitable and editable file. eSign is included in the Adobe Document Cloud and is a re-branded Adobe product that was once called EchoSign, which allows a document to be sent and signed before it’s returned to you. Mobile Link, Mobile Apps allows users to create and share documents directly from a smartphone or tablet, without the need to send a document when you’re “back in the office.” what’s more, any document that’s been worked on at your office is accessible via your mobile device. Send and Track allows users to track their document and see when it’s been opened, edited, and done working on it.

Not only does Adobe Document Cloud allow for the streamlined creation of PDF’s, but it also lends itself to superior scanning capabilities that will, undoubtedly, make paper-based documentation a thing of the past.

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